Radio Meeting

Fellow HAMS,
Couple of items of importance.
First off, club dues were due in January, if you haven't paid please do so. OR, if you are not renewing your member, please let Jimmy Stewart - k0jas - know. It will help keep his records straight.
I hope everyone stays current, there are some exciting things coming up you won't  want to miss.
2nd, some ideas being discussed this meeting will be Field Day.
We need your input.
3rd. The Jasper County Veterans Adm. has asked our club if we could help them guard the "Avenue of Flags" at Union Cemetery on Saturday and Sunday . Memorial Day weekend. This will be an overnight time frame.
The more  volunteers we have the shorter the time we have to be there. Maybe a couple of hours each.
The Vets Admn., along with the American  Legion and VFW will also have volunteers helping.
I  don't  know how it will be organized but we do need to know how many of us can help.
Let me know ASAP so we can begin to make out a schedule.
If you have a particular time frame in mind that would work for you, let me know that too.
Club meeting:
Thursday - May 11 - 6:30 pm
One more item,
When meeting is over, please exit the building quickly so I  can lock up and leave.