Message to our new Newton Area Hams…

Looks like everyone received their call sign. congratulations.

Just a word or two on radio communication protocol.
When you get ready to call another HAM, listen to see if that freq is in use. If not, and you want to talk to a specific person, say that persons call sign. Then give your own call sign.
Eg:   KE0LCW   -  K0WAG 

When you make a connection and are chating, wait about 10 seconds after the other person has stopped talking before you begin to talk.
That is to allow any other HAM to join in on the conversation.
During the silence, if another HAM wants to enter the conversion, he/she  will say "break". (One time) Then one of the others already talking will say "go ahead breaker" and that person can join the ongoing conversation  (rag chew) 

If you are just listening (monitoring)
say   this is K0WAG monitoring. 
Then wait to see if anyone comes back.
Another way to announce yourself is to say K0WAG CQ - CQ - CQ.
That lets others know you are available to talk (rag chew)
CQ is the short  form of  SEEK YOU.
CQ is used in Morse code - easier then sending the two words using dots  and dashes.

And yet another way to enter a conversation already in progress is to wait until there is a space in the conversation then say "break" and wait for an invitation to join in. 

If you have an emergency you break into a rag chew in progress saying " break - break, or "break - break - break you will be asked "what is your emergency"? and the freq will be kept clear for your emergency. 

When ending a call, I  usually say K0WAG "73 for now" ( 73 is a ham greeting meaning "best regards")

Or I  will say this is K0WAG and I'll
be standing by,  or K0WAG monitoring or K0WAG and I'll  be clear - which means I  am closing down my station or mobile.

FCC requires a HAM radio opperators to give their call sign every 10 minutes  abd at the end of the conversation.

During a rag chew I  will say K0WAG for ID. 

Hope this helps as you begin you hobby of HAM radio.

73 for now,

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